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Will hair dye kill lice?

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will hair dye kill lice

Will hair dye kill lice ?

For people who are infested with lice, nothing is as annoying as using various anti-lice products without success. They have many questions like: will hair dye kill lice? The answer to this question will depend on what you mean by lice. When we talk about lice, three things come to mind:

Adult lice

The hair dye will kill adult lice with ease. This is because the chemical in is toxic enough to kill the male and female adult lice. The hair dye is applied on the hair weekly, beginningof the week and at least after7-10 days.

Juvenile lice

Also known as nymphs, the growing lice have a neurological system which makes them easy targets by the chemical found in the hair dye. You are guaranteed that the juvenile lice will not survive the chemical found in the dye. The dye works on the neurological system of thelice, killing them as a result. Some of the hair colours are so strong that they even affect the hair itself. One should therefore watch out for the formulation to ensure that youuse the right concentration of the dye.


Will hair dye kill lice and nits at the same time? Though some people claim that the hair dye kills lice and nits, the truth of the matter is that the hair dye is not able to kill the nits. The mechanism of the hair colour is to destroy the neurological system of the lice. The nits lack the neurological system, meaning that the chemical cannot kill the eggs. The shell of the nits is also cannot be penetrated by the dye. As such, the nits will survive to incubate and mature. The cycles start all over again when the nits grow to nymphs and then to adulthood.So, will hair dye kill lice?

The only way the dye would destroy the nits is when the nits are more than 3 days old since by then, they will have formed the neurological system. It is not possible to estimate when the eggs are over 3 days old since they are not laid at the same time by the adult female lice.

The inability of the hair dye to kill the nits makes thedye partly effective in eliminating the lice. One has therefore to find a solution to deal with the nits.

What you should do

While it is perfectly in order to use the hair dye to kill lice, it should be combined with other methods so that all the bugs are killed. For instance, you can apply mayonnaise to the hair. Grease can also be applied to the hair, though it is not a pleasant thing to do.

Hair shampoo is highly effective because it not only kills the lice, it wipes out all the nits found in the scalp, base of hair, back of head, scalp and the neckline.

Another method is use of hair straightener like Hedrin. The latter is a highly effective medication that is applied to the hair, followed by combing using an electronic comb. Lastly, you can employ heat treatment.

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