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Will hair dye kill lice and nits?

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will hair dye kill lice

Will hair dye kill lice and nits ?

The answer to this question will hair dye kill lice is in affirmation as there are instances when hair dye will kill the adult lice and nymphs/ juvenile lice. There are those brands of hair dyes which have a toxic substance that kill the lice fast. Despite the toxic substance able to kill the lice, it cannot kill the nits since the chemicals cannot penetrate deep in the shells. This therefore means that you will not recover from the problem fully because the eggs will hatch into nits in about 7-10 days thereby developing new lice in your head.

Lice are parasitic insects which can cause so much itching and irritation. They reproduce at a very high rate and can be passed from one person to the other easily. By just sharing the personal effects like the combs, hairbrushes or even hats. It is important therefore for one to rid of the lice as soon as you notice their development in either your child or any other person in your family.

There are many effective ways in which one can do in order to resolve this issue. In this article, we shall dwell on the effectiveness of hair dye in killing lice.


There are some steps to be taken in order for you to get a conclusive answer to the question, will hair dye kill lice? These steps will include a total elimination of the nits which prove a constant existence of lice in your head. They include the following:

Finding nits hideouts

It is important for you to identify all the hideouts where the adult female head lice lay nits. Some of the areas include base of the hair, near your scalp, behind the ears and at the back of your head. All these spots need to be identified before any further step is carried out.

Rid of the nit glue

Nits use glue in order to get attached on the scalp. For you to remove the glue, you need to apply a mixture of vinegar and water on your hair for some time. This mixture should be applied adequately on the scalp for effective results. What follows is a thorough combing so as to ensure that the glue is removed fully.

Apply your favorite hair dye

Will hair dye kill lice? This will be known the moment you apply it on your hair. The chemicals present in the hair dyes have a strong ability of killing any living lice in your head. Perhaps one can try a small area and see the miracle hair dyes do. This then can follow your entire hair if the results are pleasing. You can deep dye your hair for about 45 minutes before you rinse it off.

Use the lice and nit shampoo

After deep dying your hair, it is advisable that you use lice shampoo in order to rid of any lice and nits that might have been left.  This can then be followed by combing using a special designed comb.

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