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Will hair color kill lice?

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will hair color kill lice

Will hair color kill lice ?

Questions having been asked and the most persistent so far are: will hair color kill lice? The answer is both yes and no. Let us start with the yes part. The hair color has the ability to kill both the adult and the juvenile lice. The chemical is so toxic that it will destroy all the lice which come into contact with it. The adult bugs cannot survive the chemical environment and this could probably explain why dying is recommended   for those who want to completely kill the nymphs and the adult lice.

On the other hand the hair colour cannot kill the nits no matter how many times you apply it on the hair. The eggs have a protective coating or shell which the chemical from the hair color cannot get through to destroy. So, the question is: will hair colour lice?The answer is no if you are including the nits. These units will develop into   nymphs and then adults in successive cycle and before you realize it, you will be suffering from lice infestation after destroying theprevious adult lice.

The vicious cycle means that at any one given time, you are infested with lice despite dying the hair. The problem could be lying in the life cycle of the nits. Unless one is able to break the lifecycle, you will always be infested with lice.

Kill the nits before they colonize

The first step you need to take to defeat the lice and eggs is to target the nits at their source and kill them. The hair colour will not kill the nits, so you would probably want touse heat. The heat is able to dry out the nits, meaning that they are destroyed before the spread out to other parts of the head. One should however be perfect in timing the eggs so that they are destroyed before they colonize the whole hair.

Other effective methods

One should not rely on one method of killing the lice. For instance, the hair colour will kill the lice but spare the eggs. One should go for other effective ways such as the aforementioned heat and bleaching. There are also those who straighten the hair in their children to kill the lice using hairstraightened. The colour treatment of hair will kill the lice but one has to see beyond the dye treatment. The nits will not resist the heat; hence a highly viable option if there is re-infestation.

Combining bleaching with hair color has been found to be effective in killing the entire adult and the juvenile. The nits on the other hand seem to survive any chemical onslaught that one may use. So, will hair colour kill lice? The answer still remains yes but on condition that one uses high temperature to target the nits whose shell is unbreakable.

The ammonia in the hair lice is very strong and will kill both the adult and the nymphs but not the nits.

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