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What kills lice effectively?

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what kills lice

What kills lice effectively?

When it comes to eliminating lice from the hair, there are many ways to go about it.  Lice infestation is common in many household. The blood-sucking, wingless bugs are highly contagious. There is need to find a way to kill the adult lice, nymphs and the nits before they survive and re-infects you. The question is: what kills lice?

Hair colour or dye

There are various brands of hair colour which will kill the lice effectively. The dye is applied after one has washed andshampooed the hair. Once the hair dried, it is dyed to kill all the lice in the hair. Unfortunately, the hair colour cannot kill the nitsbecause theshell is too hard for the chemical. This could explain why despite using the hair dye, one will still be infected with the lice.


High temperature is the best answer for killing the adult lice, juvenile lice and their eggs. If your clothes are infested with lice, you may consider washing them in hot water. When asking what kills lice, one should use heat as a way of killing the lice.


Coating one’s hair with mayonnaise will help to get rid of the hair lice. One needs only to follow the following procedure;

  • After applying the mayonnaise on your hair ,cover it with a shower cap
  • Leave the hair alone for about 6 hours
  • Use a shampoo to wash the hair
  • Dry your hair using a dryer

Invest in an electronic comb

The electronic comb is highly effective in removal of the lice. You will use the comb to remove the lice that will still be attached to the hair.

On the questions of what will kills lice, one need to be aware of the life cycle   of the lice. The units are the most difficult to kill because they form a protective shell when they are incubating. This enables them to survive various ways to kill them.

Using a conditioner

The conditioner and comb treatment is a viable option when it comes to the question of what kills lice. The conditioner combs through the life infested hair, destroying the lice and nits as a result.

Over-the-counter medication

There are some over the counter medication which will kill the lice in your household. Invest in strong medication like Hedrin, a brand that has been to effectively destroy the lice which may have survived other methods of eliminating the lice.

Dunking the clothes infested with lice in hot water works and is a home remedy for the lice infested household. When the lice infest the clothes, it becomes difficult to eliminate them by any other physical means. The heat from the hot water will kill them. You can also use a dryer to kill the lice and the nits.

Lastly, you can try the hair straightener to expose the lice. The nits will be visible, holding fast on the base of the hair as well as the scalp. The hair is then shampooed to kill the lice.

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