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Shampoo for lice.

There are many shampoo products but as you will find out, not many of them are effective in killing lice. Schools are perfect places for lice infestation. Students are many and share a lot of things besides the constant contact. A lice outbreak could see all the students getting infested with lice. Therefore an idea shampoo for lice treatment should not have the following characteristics:

No pesticides in the ingredients

The shampoo for lice should not contain pesticides due to the environment pollution. The pesticides are not the best solution for killing lice in the case of an outbreak.

Quick application time

Some shampoos take a long time to apply and act to kill the lice. Since you are dealing with an outbreak, you will need a shampoo for lice that will take the shortest time to apply and eliminate the adult, juvenile lice and the nits. A shampoo that takes 15 minutes of application without using the drops would be a viable option for killing lice in a school.

Works as a combing lotion

The shampoo should be able to work in other forms, not just as a shampoo. The shampoo can be used when combing hair so that the adult, nymphs and the nits are exposed and killed.

Clinically tested

To ensure the efficacy of the shampoo, it should be tested clinically to ensure that they are efficient in eliminating the lice.

Treats lice in a day

Lice infestation should not last a day and therefore the best shampoo should work within a day. Thisway, the lice will not survive.


The natural ingredients in the shampoo are the best in killing lice and as opposed to the artificial ingredients which are added. The latter are likely to be harmful to the environment, and also not forgetting that the lice could be resistant to the shampoo. Always insist on the shampoo for lice with the natural ingredients.

FDA registered

The online markets are flooded with many shampoos, and some of these which are not even registered. The efficacy is questionable such that the fake ones may not kill the lice at school. The FDA is a respected organization which tests products for their claims and registers them if found to meet desired standards.


Some shampoos are repulsive due to the strong smell they meet when applied. Since you will be applying them in school, you need a shampoo that smells good. The best ones have peppermint scents.

Maximum strength

The shampoo that you are going to invest in should have the maximum strength to kill and also eliminate the lice. The strength of the shampoo can be determined by how fast it kills lice when just a little of it is applied.

No re-infestation

Some shampoos are not effective in that even after application; and the risk of infestation is high. The adult lice, the juvenile ones as well as the nits somehow survive. If this happens in a school, the outbreak could be occurring all the time. Always look for brands which are effective enough.

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