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Lice in hair.

Lice are bugs which invade the human body they are small, wingless and sometimes resemble flakes. Anybody can be infested with lice. One can have lice in hair, pubic place, skin and the clothing. The lice in hair are the one that we are interested in. It is not hard to tell lice in hair of a person. In order to know that you are infested with lice, you will display the following symptoms:


The lice in hair will cause you to itch. The lice bite the scalp, causing the skin to be irritated and as a result, you will experience the itchiness. Light infestation is not easy to detect and one might go for several weeks without showing any signs.

Tickling sensation

With lice on the hair causes one to feel as if something is crawling in the hair. The lice move very slowly but when they all start crawling on the scalp.


There are sores which develop as a result of scratching the scalp. Too much scratching of the scalp leads to sores.


The lice cause a lot of irritation on the skin. The contact of the lice with the skin causes the skin to be irritability. The lice also produce saliva which causes the problem. The saliva produced by the lice is meant to stop the blood from clotting when the lice are sucking it.

Lack of sleep

The lice in hair cause one so much disturbance that one can hardly sleep a wink. The itching, irritation and scratching of the skin makes it difficult for one to sleep at all. Sometimes one wakes in the middle of sleep to kill the visible lice which crawls out of the hair to torment you.

Reddening of the skin

The bites by the lice cause one to have red bumps all over the body. You will notice the bumps on the forehead, neck, shoulders and the pubic area.

Lice eggs

A person who has lice infestation will have the lice eggs on the base of the hair. The adult female lice lay eggs on various parts of the head such as the scalp, back of ear and head. You will also find the eggs on the neckline. The presence of the eggs is a clear proof that one is infested with lice.

Whitish appearance on the hair

The nits are usually white in appearance. If one combs hair, the whitish substances which resemble the flakes will be clearly visible. It can be tricky to distinguish the lice from the dandruff. But closer inspection will help you to tell them apart. Combing the way is the surest way to know if you have lice or not. The dandruff flakes will come off while the lice will remain sticky on the hair. They produce a substance that makes them stick to the hair without falling off. You would need an electric comb to remove them.

Lice are highly contagious. If you have been in contact with a lice infested person, you could also be having them.

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