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Does hair dye kill head lice fast?

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does hair dye kill head lice

Does hair dye kill head lice?

Lice can be so much frustrating especially on children who are at the school going age. This is because they cause so much irritation on the scalp due to the itch they come with. There are many treatments available for ridding of the lice. Many people believe that dying hair can remove lice in hair but does hair dye kill head lice?
The good news is that hair dye can effectively fight against head lice infestations. There are commonly known hair dyes which have been passed to be highly effective. They include

Neutral henna

This is an excellent natural dye that will not only help to kill head lice but also aid in treatment of dandruff and strengthening your hair. It is important however, to be very careful in choosing products that are of high quality so as to avoid discoloration of your hair as a result of cheaper and imitated brands.

Permanent hair dye

This is another hair dye that is very effective in killing lice that are lurking near the scalp. A permanent hair dye has been known especially to fight the worst outbreaks. And hence a perfect answer to the question, does hair dye kill head lice? It is important to note that some of the permanent hair dyes products have derivatives of aspirin. Which cannot be used in children’s hair. Aspirin can cause dangerous side effects so it is good to stick to medical approved remedies in children.

After one has treated their hair, it is important to pay close attention to the scalp since there may be remaining eggs. This can be made possible by use of a nit comb which is a specially designed comb made of metal teeth with very small gaps between. This type of comb can separate the nits and lice from hair. Allow the comb to reach your scalp so as to comb out any live adult lice and live eggs. A sufferer can think they have removed all the lice but it takes a matter of days to get to know better. If there are remaining eggs in your hair, they will hatch and immediately increase in number. It is also important to re-treat your hair for at least once in a week.

Does hair dye kill head lice? Yes, it will

But not all hair dyes have that ability. It is therefore very much possible for you to hear different success stories from different people.
If you happen to find out that the answer to, does hair dye kill head lice to be negative, then chances are you might be in an area where lice have grown immune to these chemicals. The solution to this problem is to try prescription medicines.
A prescription medicine like Malathion, prescription lotion like ulesfia or even a prescription shampoo like lindane may be of great help. It is worth to note that although these prescription medications may be very effective in fighting against head lice, they may have negative side effects as well.

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