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Does hair color kill lice and nits?

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does hair color kill lice

Does hair color kill lice ?

If one does not get a fast way of eliminating lice and nits, then a lot discomfort can be caused. Does hair color kill lice and nits? Hair colors and dyes contain strong ingredients which aid in killing these small harmful monsters. Lice and nits are very common especially among the young group in a population. Children to be specific are the most affected and adults in most cases can get the lice from them.
Lice can easily crawl from head to head and lay eggs. In about 15-16 days, the eggs will hatch and produce a lot of lice in your head. If this condition is left untreated, you can imagine how much lice will accumulate over a period of time.

Hair color ingredients that kill lice

The following ingredients which could be either artificial or natural can best answer the question does hair color kill lice since they can prove to be very effective in killing lice. So next time you will looking for a hair color and you happen to find them listed in a box. It will be an indication of the capability of the dye to kill lice as compared to other brands.

Ammonia in hair color

Ammonia is a gas that is used in hair colors so as to open the hair cuticles in facilitation of receiving the hair color pigments. This chemical allows the loosening of the glue which is produced by hair lice. In addition, it can kill the lice directly or make it easier for them to be removed by a comb or other varied methods.
It is worth noting that you should never use ammonia that is undiluted as it can cause adverse effects on your skin. The gas should be featured in a hair dye and the higher the percentage, the most effective it turns to be.

Henna and Vaseline

Henna has been used for centuries as a natural dye and its ability to kill adult lice is quite high. On the other hand.  Vaseline is a byproduct of petroleum which has a strong aspect of suffocating lice and eggs thereby making it easier for them to be removed.

Coconut oil and sea salt

Does hair color kill lice? Yes, automatically if you have a hair color with these ingredients. Then chances are that you will rid of those nagging parasites crawling in your hair. Coconut oil has very strong anti-fungal and anti-parasitic properties which suffocate and kill lice instantly. Sea salt on the other hand has the ability of drying the glue which holds the nits and later on kills the lice.

Black walnut and tea tree oil

Black walnut possesses anti-parasitic properties which fights lice in the hair. Tea tree oil should be used in diluted form. It rids of lice infestation.
If you are wondering which brands have these ingredients that have been shown to kill lice.Well you can probably try a regular hair dye with a high ammonia concentration like the L’Oreal Excellence.

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