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Does dying your hair kill lice?

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Does dying your hair kill lice

Lice are small annoying insects which move about in the hair thereby making us feel uncomfortable and our head itchy. These parasites spend most of their lives on our scalp feeding on our blood. And if you make a mistake of scratching them, it can lead to an infection. It is a bit hard to get rid of lice in your hair as they have evolved over time and they tend to resist most of the medications we use.
Does dying your hair kill lice? Well, hair dyes contain very strong and harmful chemicals which can kill the small parasites in your hair. These chemicals that are contained in hair dyes cannot be resisted by the lice present in your hair. This is one of the most successful methods that many people have reported to work efficiently unlike other medications.

Does dying your hair kill lice and nits?

Nits are eggs laid by lice. In as much as one needs to manage the lice in the hair. It is also very important to ensure that nits too are eliminated. The moment one rids of the lice and leaves the nits, a lot of frustration will be experienced. Because the same problem will recur after sometime. These nits will hatch in a few days and before you realize you will be having thousands of lice in your hair.

The most important thing to do when you are dying your hair is to ensure that you get to the bottom of your scalp so as to kill the nits which resemble dandruff on your head. To clear of, you will require a special kind of a comb that is made of metal teeth and very small gaps in between.
Apart from getting to answer the question does dying your hair kill lice, there are some other great ways one can use in order to eliminate these small monsters from our hair.


At times lice emerges from dirt and therefore getting to the root cause of the problem can serve for a longer period. This happens mostly from our beddings and personal effects like the towels. Laundering should be done with hot water and soap. As for drying, they should be done on a higher heat setting for about 20 minutes.


For those children who are below 2 years, you should never use OTC products. The best and safest option is the use of a very fine toothed comb on wet hair. For effective results, repeat for 4-5 days in a number of weeks.
The other way of eliminating lice in your hair is use of prescribed medications. You can either try lotions, medicines or even shampoos. Although these prescribed medicines are highly effective, it is important to note that they may have several side effects.
For those who are relying wholly on dying in order to kill the lice, it advisable that one gets to re-treat the hair at least once in a week at the beginning and then every 10 days.

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