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Does dying hair kill lice?

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Does dying hair kill lice

Does dying hair kill lice?

Dying hair will only kill lice but will not kill nits. The nits are the eggs of the lice whose shell is difficult to penetrate for the chemical in the dye. What this means is that you could kill all the lice but still be infested with lice when the nits incubate develop and mature. The perception that people with dyed hair are immune from lice is wrong.
Does dying hair kill lice? This is an important question but what we need to understand is that lice do not care if your hair is dyed or not. The louse will stick to the base of your hair, suck blood and grow.

Active bugs

People keep asking the question the question: Does dying hair kill lice ? The answer could be partly true but it depends on the timing for the dying itself. If you apply the hair dye every beginning of the week and after every 10 days, you will manage to kill all the lice on the head and any other active bugs. The biggest headache would be the timing for the nits.

Neurological system

The ability of the hair dye to kill the nits is hampered by the fact that by the time you apply the hair colour, the nits will not have neurological system which would be destroyed by the dye. This ideally means that even if you apply the hair dye, it will have no effect on the nits. They will go ached to incubate and grow to juvenile lice and finally, mature lice. The adult female lice lay eggs and the cycle is repeated again. There are people who use the hair dye but are infested with the lice.

Impenetrable shell

Then shell of the nits is in such a way that the chemical dye cannot break into and kill the lice. This is a survival strategy for the thousands of the nits which are laid by the female adult lice. Things are made worse when one goes to a hair salon to have the dye applied. You will be spreading the lice; hence it is advisable that one applies the lice at home.

The ultimate lice killer

Instead of relying on the hair dye alone, one should combine various methods which will kill the lice and the nits at the same time.


Some shampoo brands will kill all the lice and even the nits. You should apply the shampoo when washing the hair.

Dye the hair

When the hair has dried, you can then apply the dye. The dye will finish off the lice which could have survived. Since there could be some nits in the clothes, opt for another strategy to kill them.

Subject them to heat

The heat is the ultimate weapon that you can use o destroy all the nits. The high temperature will destroy the eggs and you will for once be free from the lice and nits. Back to our question: does dying kill lice? The answer is yes, but one has to combine it with other methods to kill nits.

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