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Can hair dye kill lice and their eggs?

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Can hair dye kill lice and their eggs

One of the most irritating things is to have bugs crawling underneath your scalp. This experience in itself can make one go nuts. A single louse in your hair can make you so much uncomfortable due to frequent itching. This can make one to desperately look for alternatives to rid of lice in your hair. At times, people look for desperate measures which can at times risk their health.

The most popular measure is the use of hair dye; but can hair dye kill lice? In this article, we shall examine this question but before that it is important to have a full understanding of the life cycle of a louse.
An adult female louse lays about 8 eggs in a day. These eggs tend to cement on your scalp in form of dandruff. The eggs take about 6-9 days to hatch into nymphs which in turn take around 7 days to develop into adult lice. The adult louse can live up to 30 days after hatching not forgetting that all this time it feeds on your vital fluids.

Hair dyes have chemicals which are toxins to lice. The chemicals have the ability of killing adult lice and nits which have a fully developed nervous system. This implies that hair dye will not eliminate 100% of the lice since in the life cycle of a louse; the nervous system starts to develop in about 2 days after the eggs are laid.

Lice infestation can be reduced but chances of it recurring are quite high. The moment you use the hair dye, the itching and irritation will be greatly reduced but the nightmare will continue in after two weeks when the nits will have hatched.
The solution to the question can hair dye kill lice is to destroy any egg present by use of a special comb which can be used to make sure that all everything is eliminated. Making sure to reach the scalp with the comb is the most key thing. Comb the scalp so as to ensure the dandruff which hids the nits is eliminated.

The other thing to keep in mind in answering the question can hair dye kill lice is the use of a mixture of water and vinegar. This solution will not only kill the lice and nits but also nourish your hair and eliminate the dandruff. Vinegar has an acid that has the power of killing nits present. After you dye your hair to rid of the lice, observing those things will help in total healing.

It is crucial on the hand to note that not all brands of hair dyes will work for you. This is because the ability of a hair dye to kill the lice will highly depend on the chemicals used in the manufacturing process. When shopping for your dye, make sure to choose the ones that have high levels of alcohol and ammonia. Ammonia is a very powerful component in hair dye which kills adult lice in your hair instantly.

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