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Best hair dye kill lice

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best hair dye kill lice

The best hair dye kill lice ?

If you apply your favourite hair dye, will be able to destroy lice ? What is the best hair dye kill lice ?.However, there is no guarantee that the same dye could be used to kill nits. The issue of whether the best hair dye kill lice does not arise. The issue is on the nits which do not have a neurological system. What the latter means is that the chemical in the dye does not break through the shell of the nits to destroy them.

There are a number of steps one can follow to ensure that the hair dye kill lice and the units are killed too. The units are difficult to destroy because the female lice hide their eggs in the most inconspicuous places in the head. Such places include behind the ear, back of the head, scalp and base of hair. In some cases, the nits are laid at one’s neckline. All these make the hair dye less effective in destroying them.

Dealing with neat effectively

One way to ensure that the nits are destroyed is to remove the nit glue. Vinegar is thoroughly applied on the hair so as to kill all the nits.

Nit combs

The nits need to be combed first if at all they will be killed by the hair dye. The hair dye kill lice when an electronic comb is used. This paves way for the application of the hair dye.
The best hair dye should then be applied on the hair in order to kill the lice on the head. The hair dye you have selected may not be the best, so you, may consider testing it first on one small part of the hair. If it kills all the lice, then you can proceed to apply on the rest of the hair. An aluminium foil is used for dipping and applying the dye on the hair.

How to shampoo the hair to fight the nits

The shampoo is the best alternative where the dye does not work. It effectively helps to kill the lice as well as the nits. Even though the hair dye kill lice, it is not effective in eliminating the nits. This explains the shampoo is applied to the hair.

Which is the best hair dye to kill lice?

There are many dyes available in the market but the one with 23% ammonia would be the best option for anyone who wants to kill all the lice in the head. It is known as the henna hair dye .This hair dye has a wide range of uses because apart from killing lice, it also bring s back the health of the skin as well as the hair.
Only ensure that the hair dye that you use is certified for use to kill lice .Other properties you should watch out is the level of irritation and derivative of chemicals like aspirin. The latter is not particularly suitable for the use on children below age of 12 unless first you consult your doctor.

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