Does hair dye kill lice

One of the most commonly asked questions is does hair dye kill lice .The question is a valid one and especially bearing in mind the fact that people are looking for a simpler to get rid of lice without having to use a prescription. The problem with the prescription medications is that they are cumbersome to use.

Categories of lice

The question β€˜does hair dye kill lice? β€˜Can best be answered by looking at the categories of lice the dye targets. There are the adult lice which in this case are full growing lice. The other category is the baby lice or the juvenile lice. The dye works by poisoning the lice. The chemical used to make the dye is highly, hence will not spare the adult or juvenile lice.


The eggs of lice are known as nits. They are made up of a hard shell which is tougher for the chemical to pass through. These eggs take 10 days to hatch and what this means is that you could still end up being infested. The argument behind this assertion is that the eggs will still hatch even if you destroy the lice.

Dying vs. natural hair

One misconception people are that they can generally get rid of the lice in their hair when they dye it. The truth of the matter is that you are just as likely to get lice with dyed hair as with natural hair. This brings us back to the question: does hair dye kill lice? The answer is right there for you to see; the dye does kill lice but will not prevent you from being infected.

What you should do

Now does hair dye kill lice ,yes that we know hair dye lice kill lice, we need to come up with a way of dealing with the nits which will hatch and infect once again.

Get rid of the nits

The adult female lice will be your biggest headache because you have to bust them from their hideout. The nits that the hair dye is unable to destroy will be found in 5 main areas of the bodyline:

The scalp
Base of the hair
Behind the ears
Back of head

If you are able to identify these spots, managing the head lice after applying the head lice will be much easier.

What is nit glue?

The nits produce a sticky, glue-like substance which is used by the nits to hold onto your hair. A solution of vinegar and water will enter will get rid of the glue but first, you need to be able to thoroughly apply it on the scrap and ensure that it is absorbed by the hair.

Special combs

Once you are done with removing the nit glue, there are some special electronic combs which are specifically designed for drying hair as well as get rid of lice.
The next important step is the application of the dye. The question still is: does hair dye kill lice? To a very large extent, yes. This is because; the chemical in the dye is highly potent and will thus kill the adult lice and the young ones as well. Since you are not sure how it is going to work, you can choose one spot and apply the dye.

How does the hair dye work?

This hair dye works by aping the neuro-toxins. When the lice come into contact with the chemical in the dye, there is a neurological effect leading to their death.
The eggs or the nits are very different from the adult lice and the juvenile ones. The eggs lack the neurological systems, which ideally mean that they are not affected by the chemical in the hair dye.
Getting the timing right when the eggs hatch and the onset of the next cycle will help get rid of them using the hair dye? The question β€˜does hair dye kill lice?’ can be answered in the way you use the chemical dye will eliminate the nits.

Hatching period

Know how long the lice will take to hatch, which, as we saw, is 7-10 days.

Eggs without the system

Typically, eggs which have lasted for 3 days have yet to form the neurological system. This will not be the right time for you to apply the hair dye.

Right timing

Make your timing such that a bigger percentage of the eggs have the neurological system. The best period would somewhere between the hatching, development and the incubation. This may be a trial and error for you such that you will not be able to eliminate all the nits but each time, you are able to destroy more as soon as the they acquire their neurological system.

Breaking the cycle

The first thing is to target the nits as we have seen. Those which survive the onslaught will be caught up at the juvenile stage. The juvenile are developing lice before they attain adulthood. The dye will effectively wipe out these lice even before they make it to adulthood.

The adult female lice gets ready to lay eggs behind your ears, base of hair, close to scalp and behind the head. Strike them dead to break the cycle by applying the chemical. Some eggs may have hatched premature; you should count 7-10 days and know their cycle. Once you determine the nits have the neurological structure, apply the hair dye to kill them.

If you go on and on with this chemical warfare, you will realize that with every application, the lice percentage will reduce. The approach should be combined with other methods of destroying the lice eggs.

The nit shampoo for instance could be used to destroy the nits and the lice. Heat is another viable option for destroying the bugs. Lice which are subjected to temperatures of above 130 degrees centigrade die.

Retreating the hair

The hair should be applied the hair dye at the beginning of the week and once again after 10 days. You will realize that the war against the bugs will be won.

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